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Take a Better Concert Photo with your iPhone

By: Erika DeMartini (Office and Media Manager)

Tip #1:

Closer the better, try not to use the zoom feature on the smartphone camera! The quality goes down, especially in low light situations.

Tip #2:

Try not to take photos when the lighting colors are red or pink. Better colors are when it is closer to natural colors or lighter shades of blue, green, yellow. Our lighting tech usually knows which lights to use so that you can take a great photo!

Tip #3:

Try not to take photos when the lights are strobing, you might get a cool artsy photo or you might get a photo that is completely out of focus. The smartphone shutter speed probably will not be able to keep up with the movement of the lights.

Tip #4:

When video taping on a smartphone, try to continually click the screen to focus your child’s face as lighting transitions might pull the focus. If the show is loud or you are near a speaker, sometimes covering the phone’s microphone reduces distortion.

If you want to sit and enjoy every minute of the show and not worry about getting a great photo or video with your smartphone, I can provide video/audio recordings and/or photography of your child’s performance! Just let us know by contacting us via email or call us to let us know that you want that service!


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