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Tips for Auditions

By: David Werre - Drum Instructor

So, you’re going into an audition! How exciting! Today I am going to give you my top five tips on how to do well at auditions. Let’s say this is a local band with an EP or album out, and you’re auditioning to become a member!

First things first, you’re going to most likely be asked to learn a few of the bands songs and then in the audition you’ll play them with the band. Make sure you listen to the songs and learn them before the audition! The more prepared you are for the audition, the better!

Secondly, if you have the time, learn even more of the songs than the ones they ask you to learn! This always surprises people when I say halfway through the audition, “Oh hey, I learned these other two songs also if you’d like to run through them!” It shows to them that you took the time to prepare even more than they asked you to and they’ll be impressed.

Third of all, make sure you go into your audition with a smile on your face, a go-with-the-flow attitude, and with confidence! People will remember you for how you make them feel, so be kind and excited to be there! Try to establish a connection with some of the members during the audition: you could tell the guitarist wearing the Foo Fighters shirt that “Learn to Fly” is one of your favorite songs, or that you love Dave Grohl’s songwriting.

Number four, one of the best tips I’ve ever heard was when you’re setting up an audition with the person in charge, whether it’s through an email or Instagram or a phone call conversation, ask them the following question:

“What advice would you give me in order to do a good job at this audition?”

This question tends to surprise the auditioners and they will usually give you some good advice. They’ll also get the impression that you really do care!

Last but not least, show up early! If they say that the audition will be at 2pm, get there 15-20 minutes early to wait. They’ll be glad to see you’re punctual. The main rule here is to never be late, that’s not a good sign in an audition. Early is on time, on time is late, and late is never acceptable!

Another really good tip is more of a stalker-y but highly effective concept. Go onto the bands social media and look at who they take pictures with. Look at their friends and their fans, look to see if they tend to wear tight black pants or Converse shoes or Vans shoes or certain band shirts. Use this to your advantage, buy a couple of outfits and you’ll blend right into their type of crowd! Then when you get to the audition you’ll immediately develop a familiar connection the band members, they’ll think you’re just like them!


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