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The Benefits of Playing Music Outside of your Comfort Zone

By Austin Monzon - Guitar/Bass/Ukulele Instructor

When we start playing music generally we want to play the genre music we love. It makes sense, you hear and connect with a song and learning how to play it helps you enjoy learning music even more.

However, it is very easy to get caught up in a comfort zone when you only play the genres of music you are familiar with. There is nothing wrong with playing the music that you are most drawn to but going outside of that comfort zone can really help you grow as a musician.

When you play a multitude of different genres of music then you are learning the different techniques that those genres use to sound unique.

For example, you could learn aggressive picking in Metal genres, complex arpeggios in Jazz genres, crazy time signatures in Progressive Rock genres...the list goes on. The more you visit different styles and genres of music - the more these techniques will become more comfortable, making you an even better player of your instrument.

If you don’t know where to start, ask your instructor! We can ease you onto your way into playing different styles of music and make it as painless as possible!


Want more Tip's from Austin? Here is a #tiptuesday video of how to play a Pinch Harmonic!


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