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Music Freqs

Student Showcases


1 Song or 5 minute set per performer.

Teachers will be there to perform with and/or support their students.

  • Event should run no longer than 2 hours.

  • Students are seated in the audience with their guests until their turn on stage.

  • All additional tickets must be purchased at the door the night of the event ($10 each).

  • 2 Presale Tickets given with each sign-up are non-refundable and cannot be replaced if lost.

How to Sign-Up

$35 fee per performer (includes 2 presale tickets)

Limit to 15 Performers per event.

Sign-Up via Paper Form & Return to our Front Office.

  • Forms available in front office, from your teacher or print this form and hand it into our office.

  • Students must perform at their teacher's dedicated performance date.

  • Open Sign-Ups begin 30 days prior to event.

  • Online sign-ups will only be available one week before the event date if the roster is not already full.

Upcoming Student Showcase Event

Upcoming Showcase

Winter Holiday Student Showcase
Saturday, December 2nd at 3PM

Open to All Music Freqs Students. 

Audience Tickets sold at the door at 7PM.

($10 for adults, $7 for kids, 5 yrs. and under can lap sit for free.)

*Performance Reservations Required* via paper form to office staff.

FAQ Showcase

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we sign-up?

All students will be given a form by their instructor. This form is to be filled out by the parent and returned to the office along with payment to secure your spot in the showcase. Instructors will be introducing students to what it means to perform in the showcases and helping them to decide if they would like to and what song they might want to perform, if so. Instructors may send home forms with partial information filled in for parents, depending on what they and the student determine during their lesson time together. Parents are also welcome to walk into our main office and sign up with Layla in person.

Can we sign-up online?

Sign-ups online will only be open starting a week before the event date, and  only if there is still available space for that night’s roster. Should an event be open to online sign-ups, we will also announce it via our social networks and email newsletters.

When do sign-ups start? Can I sign-up in advance for future months?

You may sign-up for a showcase starting 30 days prior to the event date. You will only be permitted to sign-up for a future event if the current month’s roster is full, in which case you will be offered priority on signing up for the next month’s showcase.

Can we attend another student showcase that is not with our teacher?

Yes, you may attend as a part of the audience, but we suggest that you call ahead to make sure we are not sold out for the night, as the family members of the performers have ticket priority. Your student may only perform on nights designated for their teacher.

Can the sign-up fee be added to our regular lesson invoicing/billing?

Absolutely! To do so, you will need to contact Layla in the main office at 805-383-3555 to make those payment arrangements.

What happens if I lose my prepaid tickets/wristbands?   

Unfortunately, we will not be able to replace, or offer refunds for, lost wristbands. If you lose your wristbands we will do our best to accommodate getting you into the performance, but you will need to purchase tickets at the door and there is no guarantee that we will have audience seating available for you.

Can I purchase additional prepaid tickets before the night of the show?

No. In an effort to ensure that all students can have family attend, each student will only have access to 2 prepaid tickets each, and all other tickets will be sold first-come, first-serve on the night of the event at the ticket booth.

Can we hold tickets at the door for other guests?

No. In an attempt to keep our event as streamlined as possible, we will not be keeping guest lists or will call tickets at the booth. However, your purchased tickets will be issued to you as wristbands at the ticket booth, so you may purchase the number you need and meet your guests that have yet to arrive outside the venue to give them their tickets. Guests with valid wristbands will be allowed to enter and exit the venue as they like.

If I have more than one student performing on a single night will I receive more than 2 prepaid tickets?

Yes, each student registered will get 2 prepaid tickets for their night’s performance. Please note that prepaid tickets/wristbands are good only for the showcase your student is performing in and cannot be used for admission to any other showcases.

Will my student’s instructor be present during the event?

Yes, your student’s instructor will be present during your scheduled performance, unless they get sick or an unforeseen circumstance comes up.

What happens if my student’s instructor can not make it to the event and is needed in order for my student to perform?

We hope this will never actually occur, but do understand that life does happen and a contingency plan must be in place. Should this occur, we would work to either reschedule the performance to the next showcase that your student’s instructor will be at, or we would source another of our instructors to stand in for the missing instructor, should that be something your student is comfortable with.

Can I request a certain time or spot during the performance for my student to perform?

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate requests for times or order of performers. In order to keep the show as efficiently run as possible, all students' performance times and the order of the line-up will be determined and arranged by Music Freqs office staff and managers without any preference or special accommodations given.

What if I have multiple students with different instructors? Can we request that students from the same household perform on the same night even if their instructors are not scheduled for the same night?

Unfortunately, you may not have students perform on evenings when their instructor is not a designated instructor for the evening, even if you have siblings with different instructors who are assigned to different show nights. While we understand that coming to multiple performance nights might not be ideal for all families, we have structured these events so that the instructors will not be forced to take on too much overtime or be asked to sacrifice their own personal time with their families more than once a month, so we must ask that you respect their time and the resulting policy.

Is there an age limit as to who can perform at a student showcase? 

Yes, our student showcases are open to students aged 16 and under. Students aged 17 and older are invited to perform in our Open Mic Nights, which will also resume in the near future. Please note that our age limit is based mainly on the fact that older students generally want to perform material that is longer and more adult in nature, which is why we ask that they perform on a separate night from the younger students.

Have more questions? Contact Us!

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 12-7pm, but feel free to leave a message or email us anytime!


2258 Pickwick Drive Camarillo CA 93010

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