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They have performed at a recent Student Showcase and show marked improvement. They have been seen helping other students and have taken their music skills outside their lessons (ex. playing a concert, event, etc.) They have a great attendance record and always come prepared for their lessons. A plus is if they are involved in multiple programs here!


 May Student of the Month

Congrats to our May Student of the Month, Caysen! Caysen has been taking drum lessons with Justin since 2021. Since then, he has also taken voice, piano lessons with Lynnzee and Drew. At 12 years old, Caysen started  writing his own lyrics for raps that amaze his teachers. Caysen has joined multiple Jam Night classes and just performed at this recent Student Showcase where he impressed everyone there as he rapped while drumming! The first time we’ve seen such a performance  at our Student Showcase events! After his performance, when asked on stage how he was able to master this technique  Caysen answered “At first I started out with an easier beat and then as I practiced more and more.  I got to the actual beat that it paces on so then I got to do the harder beat - so that was cool!” A perfect point to show that practice makes perfect! 

Caysen’s teachers all can tell how talented and creative he is and knows how to put it to great use with his own creative songwriting endeavors. Starting this February, Caysen started taking ukulele lessons with Max. Max learned quickly that Caysen was writing his own raps and Max ended up switching their lessons to ProTools lessons so that he can learn how to create his own beats for the raps he writes himself!

Justin & Caysen are actually second cousins and Justin has known Caysen since he’s been an infant. While seeing him grow up, Justin has always found Caysen to be very talented in anything he puts his mind to! Fun facts about Caysen - Max and he already have a secret handshake and Caysen can recite all of “Hamilton ''... and all the Presidents of the United States in order! Hopefully we will get to hear one of his original songs soon at a future showcase event!

Caricature by local artist Stephen Silver (  Made for each Student of the Month!


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