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They have performed at a recent Student Showcase and show marked improvement. They have been seen helping other students and have taken their music skills outside their lessons (ex. playing a concert, event, etc.) They have a great attendance record and always come prepared for their lessons. A plus is if they are involved in multiple programs here!


Student of the Month

This month, we're cranking the volume up to 11 to celebrate our shred-master extraordinaire, Eli - our April Student of the Month!

Eli's been tearing it up on the guitar since February 2023, taking lessons with our own guitar guru, Jeremy. Eli's enthusiasm for heavy metal – from Pantera and Metallica to Fear Factory – fuels his commitment to mastering the guitar.

And that passion translates into some serious skill. Eli consistently brings the fire to his lessons, always pushing himself to improve. Plus, he's got the dedication to match – you can tell he puts in the practice hours outside the classroom too.  His commitment is clear – not only does he have stellar attendance, he's always prepared to rock!

But Eli's talent isn't just for show. He's already a seasoned performer, having graced the stage at a whopping THREE student showcases! The crowd is amazed every time he unleashes his metal mastery, shredding on his killer Jackson axe (seriously, one of the raddest we've ever seen!).

Fun fact: Eli's brother, Samuel (drum student of Justin) followed a similar path, rocking Student of the Month status back in November! Looks like musical talent runs in the family.

Eli, you're an inspiration to all aspiring guitarists! Keep on rocking, keep on shredding, and keep on bringing that positive attitude to class. You're a true rockstar, and we can't wait to see what you achieve next!

Want to follow in Eli's footsteps? Sign up for guitar lessons today and unleash your inner rockstar!

Caricature by local artist Stephen Silver (  Made for each Student of the Month!


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