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Tips for Live Performances

By Lynnzee Fraye - Vocal/Piano Instructor

  1. Make sure you warm up before performing, no matter how long or short your set is. This is not just for vocalists - but instrumentalists as well!

  2. Make sure to stay hydrated before and after your set.

  3. If you are sick or voice isn’t feeling up to par, warm water with lemon or ginger, miso soup, and tea along with vocal rest the days leading up to the show can help a lot. Also a humidifier and a saline inhaler can help a lot with adding moisture and healing your vocal folds.

  4. How you look matters, make sure you dress appropriately for the venue or event you are playing at. It will make you look more professional and people will take you more seriously if you look the part. (aka: fake it ‘till you make it)

  5. Do not play your instrument or sing into the microphone when you are not supposed to. This comes across as very unprofessional and distracts the audience.

  6. When the show is over, make sure you take all your stuff off the stage as soon as possible, so the band going up after you can set up and get ready for their sound check.

  7. When sound checking make sure to tell your sound guy if you can hear yourself enough. It’s their job to make sure you sound good, so don’t be afraid to tell them!

  • If you can't hear yourself if can cause problems. You can end up straining your voice, singing off pitch, and also the members of the band can miss queues.

  • When any band member is checking, make sure there are no other sounds being played, let the sound engineer focus on one person at a time.

  • While sound checking make sure you check just like you will be playing, and continue to play till they are done setting levels. If you play super quiet in the sound check then when the show starts you belt (or play hard) the levels will be unbalanced and will make the engineers life a lot harder.

Lynnzee is a singer/songwriter who has been singing & performing for over 12 years. Lynnzee has performed over 500 gigs in venues such as Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Dolby Theater, Gibson Showroom, The Troubadour, The Thousand Oaks Civic Center, festivals and many more. She also appeared on the farewell season of American Idol, Next Great Family Band & has had multiple original songs placed in movies & television. She released a new single called “Lemonade” & her solo EP “You”, is available on all music streaming sites. Lynnzee is available for weddings, private events, & more!

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