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Band Etiquette at Live Shows

By: Austin Monzon - Guitar Instructor and Lead Guitarist in local band Disrupted Euphoria

So you are in a band which is awesome! Being in a band is one of the best things about being a musician in my opinion, but we have to remember being in a band comes with some unwritten rules and I’m going to help you out by giving them to you.

First off, you always have to be nice to other bands you’re playing with. A friendly rivalry is always fun but there is no need to be mean, we’re all playing music and having a great time so we should all have fun together.

Secondly, during a show, you should start on time and end on time. Besides being physically present, have all of your gear organized and ready to load on to the stage both before the show and before your set. If your band starts late then you’re holding up the show and that messes up the whole schedule for the rest of the night. You’d also be taking time away from your set and that leads to cutting songs from your set. Ending on time is courteous to the venue and the band that plays after your band. If you end on time then the next band can start on time thus creating an all around organized show!

Lastly, get your stuff off stage after your set. When your set is over and it’s time to clear your band’s equipment off, make sure everyone gets all their stuff off the stage. After you think you’ve gathered everything then double check to make sure you got everything. Do it in a timely manner - remember the second tip!

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