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Go through different drum stick exercises & rudiments set to a variety of popular upbeat music!

Builds strength, endurance, speed, control, and fluidity for the drum set.

At least 1 year of drumming experience recommended

Most Thursdays 7:00 - 8:00pm

Created & Taught by: Justin Dempsey


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Master Blaster Workout:


$15 per student

Drum Sticks & Practice Pad Required

(available for purchase)

Located in our Venue


Master Blaster Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be in Private Music Lessons with you to be in Master Blaster?

It is not required that you are a private music lesson student here to participate! However, if you are not a private music lesson student here, please give us a heads up by contacting us and letting us know you're interested in attending.

What happens in this class?

Master Blaster is a group class for drummers that has stick exercises set to popular music to help build technique, strength, control, fluidity, speed and endurance.  The class is meant to be an upbeat and fun experience for drummers to work on together. Rudimental exercises can have a mundane nature to them but are essential to a student developing into a solid drummer.  This class is meant to help take away the mundane.


Each class the students will choose workouts from a “karaoke” style playlist of songs that each have a custom made stick workout.  The workouts focus on different drum rudiments and rudimental exercises. Some are harder than others but most workouts have variations depending on the skill level of the drummer. 

How much does it cost?

$15 per student.

Do I need to reserve my spot beforehand?

It's not required - but you can call or email us to sign up if you want to get the 24 hr text/email notification to remind you! 

What do I need to bring?

Drum Sticks and a Drummer Practice Pad is required for the class. If you don't have these, we do have them available for purchase. Drum Sticks are located in our Music Vending Machine and Practice Pads will be for sale at the class.

What type of songs are used?

A mixed genre of music from different eras. Usually lively and upbeat - think like a aerobics class! 

Students will have an opportunity to recommend songs for future workouts and the list will be updated each week. The songs currently on the playlist are a wide variety of genres from all different eras that will hopefully expose students to new artists but also have a mix of some modern popular favorites.

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